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The Positive Equation #follow_my_beard = Positive content + diverse community.

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#follow_my_beard was born in 2017 when people stopped me on the streets, mesmerized by my beard. People started asking questions like, “Do you dye your beard? Is your beard real? What products do you use?”

This lead to a social media experiment through Instagram called @follow_my_beard. The idea behind the social media page was to take photos with anyone that asked me questions about my beard. The more my beard grew, the more people stopped me and asked questions. As a result of the photos I took, people went from being strangers to members of my community. Soon after, we developed the guerrilla marketing sticker, “#follow_my_beard, are you following?” The sticker was a hit. People loved the logo and they started asking for apparel and personal care products with the brand.

Today, #follow_my_beard is an online lifestyle platform with a mission connecting The Urban Gentleman – a creative man with a sense of individuality and a clear point of view. He influences others by carrying himself freely with confidence. Style is an expression of his soul that brings people together creating an inclusive community.